Jo Henwood tells stories.  


She tells different genres





to different types of audiences


Children and families
The younger the child, the more the stories need to be simple, participative and structured around refrains. As children age, the stories can be increasingly varied, complex and passive.   Some special remarks can be inserted just for the grownups.


Young adults and adults
Stories should be more sharp edged and contemporary for young adults, with increasing layers of meaning for adults.


Stories for seniors should Include humour, participation and nostalgic references


People with disabilities
Performances should use refrains and props including sound effects for people with visual impairments and pictures for people with hearing impairments.



with a variety of programs

including murder mystery dinners, Would You Believe? trivia games, TaleTours and multiplots using the collection.

 in a variety of venues


Heritage sites:

At concerts, festivals, school holiday activities, special programs



Thematic concerts for different ages, themes and interests


Schools, preschools, out of school hours centres

Including stories of history, maths and the environment


Community festivals and launches

Setting the mood with light family folk stories


Conferences, clubs, and societies

Stories which express what binds the group together


Hotels and camp sites
Stories of the land and its people


Birthdays and anniversaries

For a small gathering of like minded people not a party



In a variety of thematic concerts


Name a theme and Jo has enough stories to create a concert filled with light and shade for any audience.



 Using performance techniques 


With award winning artist Stephen James  http://www.stephenjames.com.au/index.html Jo has developed stories which incorporate performing drawings as part of the story.


Plus Chapeaugraphy or other props.



With visual impairments  


These costs are negotiable.               


$200 one concert                   


$400 whole day                      


+ $20 for every hour of travelling time beyond 2 hours.


(Jo lives in Brooklyn and can get to most places in Sydney or the Central Coast within 2 hours)  

+ $100 for the creation of an original site-specific program






Visit some of Sydney’s historic sites not as a guided tour but as part of a mobile storytelling performance. 

TaleTour of the Rocks   

TaleTour of  the Royal Botanic Gardens

Costs: $16.50 per adult – minimum of 3 adults




To find out more about story genres, specific audience needs, programs and thematic concerts go to the Queries page.





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